Columbia Skylights Venting Self Flashing Skylight



Columbia Skylights Venting Self Flashing Skylight

Available in all standard sizes and special orders

The Columbia venting self flashing LoE3 I89 glass skylight I81 glass skylight has all the benefits of LoE3 clear glass plus an additional LoE-I89 coating on the inside pane, giving you close to triple glazed performance in a double glazed skylight. Designed for the do-it-yourselfer with built in curb and flashing. Minimum 3:12 roof pitch is mandatory.

No flashing kit or wood curb required

Maintenance free, thermally broken white vinyl base frame for improved energy efficiency and built in large capacity four sided condensation channel.

LoE3 I89 Glass provides 58% visible light transmission, providing optimum thermal control for your skylight at an affordable price.