4 Wing Attic Ventilator



Available in black and brown

Attic ventilator OP-A412 is conceived for sloped roofs. Its sophisticated 4 wings design and openings allow optimal attic ventilation. Its ventilator structure punched openings eliminates all maintenance needs and prevents rodents and birds from getting inside. Its anti-gust deflectors prevents bad weather infiltration from any directions. OP-A412 Ventilator allows an advantageous cooler attic in summer and dryer in winter, extending structural integrity, adding superior interior comfort, creating also energy savings. This static ventilator offers a superior air aspiration and, with the help of wind, produces a chimney effect. Air is continuously exchanged. It exchanges attic air at a rate of 418 ft³/min, ventilating a 1000 to 1200 ft² area.